Junior Rangers it’s time to meet Sami!

Hello Junior Rangers! My name is Sami and I am a Planning Officer for Parks Victoria. I live and work in Warrnambool at the end of the Great Ocean Road on Eastern Maar Country.

I spent 15 years as a Fire Fighter and Ranger before taking on my role as a Park Planner for Assets. So that’s all things built by humans in our parks such as lookouts, campgrounds, walking tracks and bridges.

Why did you become a ranger?


Park of the month – Lysterfield Park

Discover the incredible diversity of birds and other native wildlife at Lysterfield Park while walking the perimeter of Lysterfield Lake and its impressive dam wall. So close to Melbourne, this park is a must-see for any Junior Ranger with a love of the water and relaxing walks in nature.


Plant of the month – Grass tree

This week we continued talking to Ranger Emma about the Grass tree – Xanthorrhoea (can you pronounce that Junior Rangers?)


Animal of month – Eastern Barred Bandicoot

We spoke with Ranger Emma about the Eastern Barred Bandicoot – Perameles gunnii this week! Thanks Emma for answering all our questions!


Animal of the month – Eastern Quoll

We spoke with Ranger Mike about Eastern quolls this week! He describes these animals as cute, fun and small (about the size of a ring tail possum!) Mike used to work in a quoll breeding program which is why he knows so much! He now works as a Ranger to manage the foxes and cats at Grampians/Gariwerd National Park. Let’s read what Mike has to say about Eastern quolls!


Meet Forest Fire Fighter John!

Hi there Junior Rangers!!

My name is John and I work as a Forest Fire Fighter in Grampians/ Gariwerd National Park.Gariwerd is in western Victoria and is full of rugged mountains, rocky cliffs and beautiful forests. There are a lot of native plants and animals here. Some of them aren’t found anywhere else in the world! How cool is that!


Park of the month – Little Desert National Park

Australia’s outback isn’t as far from Victoria as you might think. In fact, outback habitats can be found right here in Victoria – The Little Desert National Park is one place you will find them. You can meet Malleefowl, Bearded Dragons, and countless other unique desert species!


Plant of the month – Common Heath

Junior Rangers do you like walking in the bush? Do you see the beautiful colours from plants when they are flowering? A stunning plant to look out for on your walk is the Common heath!


Macpac competition winner!

Congratulations to Evelyne who won the Summer Macpac competition! Continue reading to hear about Evelyne’s summer weekend adventure…

Macpac Junior Ranger Summer Competition – by Junior Ranger Evelyne

In Junior Ranger, I learn a lot of things and do fun activities. We learn about sea animals, fire trucks, nature, and different kinds of plants or trees like Mountain Ash. Every time we finish we get rewarded with badges and stickers.


Summer animal species – Blue Tongued Lizard

This cold-blooded reptile needs heat to warm up their body. You might see Blue Tongued Lizards out in the summertime because they LOVE the heat of the sun. By warming themselves up, it helps them move around and also digest their food.