Hear it direct from our Junior Ranger Family!


After an unprecedented fire season impacted our summer activities, we received feedback from our Junior Ranger families that showed how strong our community spirit really is!

Read on to hear from Junior Ranger Emilie, see quotes from Junior Ranger families after their summer adventure and be sure to stay tuned for more  these holidays as Junior Ranger activities go digital!


My name is Emilie and I’m a Junior Ranger.

I love Junior Rangers because I go to interesting places and learn new things. I make new friends and meet new Park Rangers like Louise and Jeremy and see my Park Ranger friend Eliie.

I get excited going to Junior Rangers because I love being outdoors and exploring new places! I like going back to places I’ve been to before because I always see and learn something different!
My hat is covered in badges I can’t remember all the places I’ve been to but I write it in my Junior Ranger book. My badges remind me that I’m an experienced ranger and it is important for me to share my Junior Ranger experiences so people know about Junior Rangers and know it’s good to be in nature and it’s important to understand our environment and know how it affects us and also how our choices can affect it too!

I talk to my teachers, my class, my friends, my family and my School Principal – he knows I go to Junior Rangers every school holidays and asks me where I’ve been, what I’ve done and what I’ve learnt. I show them photos an explain what I’ve done and learnt. One of my teachers last year wrote in my special book that she loves how passionate I am about the environment and how I inspire others to care too.

Last year I entered my story About Me… Emilie into a short story competition. I didn’t win. I didn’t even hear back from them. I shared my story with my school, my School Principal, my teachers, my family and you too. It was read in one of your meetings. I didn’t win but I know I did because more kids are picking up their rubbish and putting it in the bin and they understand why it needs to go in the bin.

I’m only 8 but I know I either want to be a Park Ranger, a Zoologist or a Vet. I really think I want to be a Park Ranger because I love animals and the environment too and I want to teach other people too! I love maths and science! One day I think I’ll be a Park Ranger!

I look at (Rangers) Ellie and Louise and Ebony and Jeremy and Jack and Sharyn and I want to be just like them. I can’t wait for the school holidays. I want to go to Junior Rangers all the time!

– Junior Ranger Emilie



Your newsletter today reminded me of the great adventures we had in the holidays as part of the JR program. I booked my boys into 4 different activities from Olinda to Lysterfield Park to Patterson Lakes to Point Lonsdale lighthouse. Each location was new to us and we really enjoyed the activities and the rangers. I especially liked the connection of the indigenous people and their country to each activity and how each of the rangers impressed on the kids how they are also custodians of the land and responsible for it” –Sharlee


We took our grandchildren Harvey and Audrey to “Caught on Camera- Wildlife Detective “ in the Great Otway National Park .
Rangers Camille and Clare were amazing and enthralled all the group with their stories about the endangered animals in the park. They made a “food trap “ of peanut butter , oats and honey . They then walked into the bush to set the trap and bring back the motion sensor camera that had been hidden earlier .
The junior rangers really enjoyed watching the animals that had come to sniff, scratch and try to eat the food in the trap. It was a real eye opener to see how many different species live the The Otways .
Ranger Camille and Clare were so engaging with the group – they learnt so much. Potoroos were a favourite with everyone. I can’t recommend this program highly enough and can’t wait for the upcoming Autumn Program.
Thank you Parks Victoria. “
– Maggie


“Hi there,
My kids attended the Junior Rangers Marine Invaders -Point Cook Marine Sanctuary on the 28th Jan and absolutely loved it! Rangers were fantastic! Thank you very much for organising this event. “


“Hi there, Just letting you know that we had a great time Rockpool rambling at Point Lonsdale with rangers Lachie, Lachie and Toby.   And a wonderful time at Queenscliff with rangers Lachie and Nick, beachcombing in late January!  Plenty of information for the kids and adults to absorb”  -Fiona