Tower Hill – a reason to become a Ranger!

Where – South West Victoria

Have you ever visited The Great Ocean Road? Maybe you live near it? Well, just a stone’s throw (not that far) you will find a Wildlife Reserve known as Tower Hill. This historic park is on the land of the Gunditjmara peoples. It erupted over 32,000 years ago (wow!) and is Victoria’s largest dormant volcano. There are so many reasons to visit Tower Hill for International Mountain day Junior Rangers so keep reading!

What – Victoria’s first National Park

  1. Junior Rangers, can you name Victoria’s first National Park?
  2. Tower Hill!

Tower Hill is now a Wildlife Reserve which means there are many special plants and animals found in the area. You could spend a whole day exploring Tower Hill with your family as there are walking tracks, picnic areas and great views from around the crater.

Who – Ranger Han

G’day Junior Rangers,

My name is Han and I grew up next to Tower Hill in Koroit, as a Junior Ranger just like you! This special Wildlife Reserve was the reason I became a Ranger. I would spend time with my family walking the trails up along the volcanic craters and down along the lakes edge. It is known as a wildlife reserve because there are SO many birds, beetles, echidnas, snakes, kangaroos, emus and even koalas that call this place home. Tower Hill is in fact a dormant volcano, you can see the layers that have been left here for us to observe and enjoy along with some deep craters. I learnt a lot about the environment as a Junior Ranger in Tower Hill, I explored the tracks and saw what felt like hundreds of Koalas, Kangaroos and Emus during each visit!

You can visit Tower Hill and enjoy the Crater Walk or enjoy a picnic at the BBQ area – please don’t feed the emu’s or other wildlife as they can’t digest your sausage in bread! 😉

I am now a Ranger at Grampians Gariwerd National Park and often see you during our Junior Ranger programs throughout the school holidays. I can’t wait for Summer to host a Minibeast or Bush Detective activity with you – check out the Junior Ranger website to book your spot for an activity near you!

Once last thing, for International Mountain Day, I’ll be Getting Into Nature with my friends to walk the beautiful mountains of Gariwerd – what will you do for International Mountain Day?

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  1. Tanya Steele says:

    Thanks for the article! My family lived overseas and are originally from WA so I find your website so useful! We live just down the road from Sherbrooke Forest in the Nongs!

    • jradmin says:

      Thanks for your feedback Tanya! What a beautiful part of Victoria you call home. We hope you are enjoying your summer!

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