Plant of the month – Grass tree

This week we continued talking to Ranger Emma about the Grass tree – Xanthorrhoea (can you pronounce that Junior Rangers?)

Where it is found in Victoria:

Grass trees are found in lots of locations around Victoria, including coastal heathlands, wet forests and dry forests. Be careful as you walk past a Grass tree as they might spike you with their leaves! This photo is at Wilsons Promontory National Park after a fire. Have you ever visited somewhere after a fire and seen how the plants begin to regrow?

Why is this species special?

Grass trees are very slow growing and live up to 600 years! A Grass tree only grows around 12 cm’s a year – are you growing faster than a Grass Tree?

Interesting facts:

A wide range of lizards and insects shelter in the grass trees massive foliage. When a Grass tree is in flower, the spear of the plant attracts nectar feeding birds, bees, ants, and butterflies. You can see the light coloured flowers of the grass tree below – imagine how many insects would love to see these flowers!

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