Summer plant species – Coastal Banksia

Junior Rangers did you visit the coast this summer? Maybe you live near the coast? Well, if you are ever thinking about visiting the coast, check out this month’s plant species!

What is this summer’s plant of the month?

The coastal banksia is a tree which can grow 15m tall! This tall tree is found along coastal habitats or high mountain areas.  It can grow quite quickly which


Junior Rangers meet Ranger Millie!


G’day Junior Rangers!

My name is Ranger Millie. I work in the Shipwreck Coast and Hinterlands. But where is this you might ask?? It’s the wild south west coast of Victoria! The Port Campbell National Park – home to tall cliffs, wild winds, monstrous seas and of course, The Twelve Apostles! Back in the early days of European settlement there were many, many shipwrecks along this coastline, which is how it got its name. Some of these wrecks broke apart and disappeared in the sea, while some of them remain on the ocean floor to this day.


Melba Gully’s glow-worms

Banner image: The immense trees and tranquil, ferny undergrowth of Great Otway National Park make it one of the most special places to visit in Victoria. Image: Parks Victoria


Your lights at home aren’t the only thing that glow – did you know that some organisms in nature also have this ability? Known as the Jewel of the Otways, Melba Gully is a beautiful place to visit in both the day, for its beautiful forest surroundings, and the night, for the presence of glow-worms. Take time to stop and listen to the sounds of Melba Gully as the glow-worms light up the environment around you.




I started volunteering with Parks Victoria this year when I saw that they were starting the Great Gariwerd Bird Survey. The opportunity included 10 weeks of classes which I was very excited about. I was a novice bird watcher and was getting frustrated that I couldn’t identify birds because I didn’t know what I was looking for. The course looked at lots of different groups of birds and how to tell them apart. We also worked on identifying birds by their calls, which is a very handy skill as seeing bird at the tops of very tall trees is really hard!



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Tower Hill – a reason to become a Ranger!

Where – South West Victoria

Have you ever visited The Great Ocean Road? Maybe you live near it? Well, just a stone’s throw (not that far) you will find a Wildlife Reserve known as Tower Hill. This historic park is on the land of the Gunditjmara peoples. It erupted over 32,000 years ago (wow!) and is Victoria’s largest dormant volcano. There are so many reasons to visit Tower Hill for International Mountain day Junior Rangers so keep reading!


Pobblebonk/ Banjo Frog

Hunting for Pobblebonks



There is a good chance you have heard of the Pobblebonk Frog, because it is one of the most well known frogs in Victoria! If you don’t know the name Pobblebonk, maybe you know it by its other name, the Banjo Frog? It is named this because of the banjo-like ‘plonk’ or ‘bonk’ sound it makes.


Its ok if you have not heard of this frog at all, because by the end of this article you will and you may even be able to go out and find some yourself!


Woodland Historic Park – Greenvale


Ever wonder what the landscapes and wildlife seen by European settlers in the 1840s was like? At Woodlands Historic Park, you can get a feel of just that! The park has a 150-year old homestead, Indigenous scar trees, native woodland and grassland and much much more! (more…)

A Christmas message from Junior Rangers

Holiday Program Update

Hello junior rangers – we’ve made it to the holidays and we are so excited! Have you been online to book your activities yet?  Spaces are filling up fast so make sure you go to to secure your place.

Can’t make it to an activity this time?  No problem! Our Park Rangers plan to bring the parks to your living room with our live events.  It’s a great chance to ask them lots of questions about our wonderful wildlife and have them answer live on air! Our Junior Rangers also have you covered as we share more ideas to get you outside exploring and having fun outdoors.

Junior Ranger Activity Challenges

A little while ago we celebrated the winners of our spring school holidays Macpac competition, Kaia and Sana, and shared some of their wonderful photos with you all.  Lots of you emailed in to tell us what you had been up to and we loved receiving all your photos too.  Junior Ranger Kaia has sent us something since we spoke to her, which was inspired by all the ranger videos that we posted as part of our ‘30 things in spring challenges’.  Check out our winner’s blog and Kaia’s video about one of her favourite parks and some of the wonderful plants and animals that live there.

Summer Challenge # 2 Can you make a two minute Junior Ranger video talking about your favourite park?  Send it in and we might feature it in our next newsletter.

If you’re a little shy in front of the camera why not take up Summer Challenge # 3 sent in by Junior Ranger Zachary.

Find some thin and bendy branches, stems or grasses that you’re allowed to use at home.

Christmas star tree decoration

  1. Make a bend about halfway up
  2. Fold 3 more times making sure they are the same length each time.
  3. Weave the folds to create a star.
  4. Wrap the rest of the twig around to unbent half and secure it
  5. You can knot it or use string or rubber bands to hold it firm.


Our live webinars are back!

We know how much you loved our live events with our Park Rangers so we have more planned for the holidays.  Join Ness and Ebonee as they explore some of the treasures from Serendip Sanctuary.

To book your place, click here to register.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021

From everyone here at Parks Victoria and at Macpac we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and can’t wait to see you out enjoying the parks over the summer holidays.  Don’t forget to email us your activity ideas and photos of you enjoying the outdoors!

30 things to do this SPRING!

Hi, this is just an update to let you know that the information in this post relates to our Spring Holiday 2020 progam.  As a result you’ll find that the webinar series has ended and the Macpac competition has finished, however the remaining content is still available for you to explore, including recordings of each of the webinars. Please read on, and enjoy!


Welcome to our blog on the 30 things to do in SPRING.  Our poster here has all the activities for you to complete over the holidays.  Below you will find more details about some of the challenges we have set out for you plus all our webinars and videos from our wonderful Park Rangers. 

Challenge no. 7 – Play ‘leaf shape bingo’. Download the bingo sheet here and look for shapes in nature that match the shapes on your sheet.  The first one to fill their sheet or find 3 in a row wins the game

Challenge no. 12 –  Become a citizen scientist and join our bioblitz (23 – 25 September).  Sign up with iNaturalist and become a citizen scientist for our 2020 Parks Victoria BioBlitz.  Look for plants and animals around where you live and upload photos of them to our page here.  Our Park Rangers will be checking in to see what you have discovered so sign up today and be ready to join us from 23rd September until 25th September

Here are our live events as our rangers come direct from the parks to your homes at the exact same time!  Click on the photo to be taken to our bookings page.

Exploring Serendip’s Natural Treasures’

Join Ranger Vanessa on a virtual tour of Serendip Sanctuary and discover its natural treasures. Meet some of Serendip’s animals, like Eastern Barred Bandicoots and Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and learn about their unique features.

(The live event has now ended. See the recording here).


Life in the Intertidal Zone’

Join Ranger Ellie to explore Victoria’s marine habitats and the creatures that live in them. Learn about the diverse and fascinating ways that creatures survive and thrive in this ever-changing environment.

(The live event has now ended. See the recording here )


Wildlife super sleuths – Sharpen your super sleuth skills and join Ranger Julia to discover which animals have been around, using the clues and evidence that they leave behind.

(The live event has now ended. See the recording here.)



Thursday 1st October @ 10am. Discovering Wadawurrung with Ranger Ebonee  – Join Ranger Ebonee, a proud Wadawurrung woman as she discusses the importance of Country.

(The live event has now ended. See the recording here)



Here are our Ranger videos for your access at any time during the holidays.  Click on the videos to view. 

22. Let’s go Birdwatching – Ranger Lily shares some tips n tricks for being a successful birdwatcher 

23. Floodplains of the Goulburn – Join Ranger Emma as she shares some of the ageless beauty of Redgums living on the floodplains

24. Join a Minibeast Survey – Ever wanted to be a marine scientist? Join Ranger Yani as she demonstrates how to do a minibeast sampling survey

25. Bird Brain Quiz – Join Ranger Han to learn some bird facts and test your knowledge

26. Create a Nature Journal – Ranger Lucy shares some of her own tips designed to help you explore nature in new and creative ways

27. Join the Parks Victoria Bioblitz – Parks Victoria’s annual Bioblitz is happening between September 23rd – 25th. Join Ranger Han as she demonstrates how to get started. 

28. Scratching Around – Join Ranger Kelly as she explores the secretive and surprising world of the Mallee Fowl

29. Explore the Maribrynong River – Join Ranger Sharyn as she shares some of the wonders of the Maribrynong River, both above and below the water