Junior Rangers go Digital!

Over the Easter school holidays, the Junior Ranger program will be a little bit different from what you might have been expecting. .. During this holiday period, we’ve gone digital!

Throughout the two weeks , we are sending our subscribers a selection of activities every few days designed to help  continue their Junior Ranger journey at home.

These activities are guiding Junior Rangers and their families through a range of different ways to explore, play, create and learn all about the nature all around them. The activities that arrive in their inbox are completely doable from home!

Thanks to our principal partners Macpac, who support our team to be able to provide the Junior Ranger program to the community, we also have an exciting competition running!


Hear it direct from our Junior Ranger Family!


After an unprecedented fire season impacted our summer activities, we received feedback from our Junior Ranger families that showed how strong our community spirit really is!

Read on to hear from Junior Ranger Emilie, see quotes from Junior Ranger families after their summer adventure and be sure to stay tuned for more  these holidays as Junior Ranger activities go digital!



What can I expect from a Junior Ranger activity?

The Junior Ranger program is run every school holidays. Summer, spring, winter and autumn. Each season, there is something different to explore, whether it’s dipping your toes into sparkling rockpools or getting up early to find our feathered friends. Two weeks before each holidays, look at the What’s On listing for more information about activities in a park near you.

But what can you expect when you come along to a Junior Ranger activity with a Parks Victoria ranger?


Coastal Connections

As January came to an end, so did our 2020 Junior Ranger summer program. This year, it included a brand new activity at Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park to connect young people to the local Wadawurrung Aboriginal culture, early European history, marine life and habitats.Coastal Connections helps young people recognise the impacts of European settlement, understand the importance of preserving cultural sites and develop a deeper respect for and interest in Aboriginal culture.

“I grew up in Point Lonsdale, sadly with very little exposure to Aboriginal culture as a kid. To be able to help younger generations learn about Aboriginal culture and history in the town I grew up in is really rewarding,” says Lachlan, Ranger who helped build and deliver the activity. (more…)

BioQuest is on again!

Use the QuestaGame app to submit sightings of the life you find as you explore the participating Victorian parks between 23rd September and 8th October, 2017. Also complete any of the Junior Rangers ‘park quests’ for bonus gold, and a chance to win one of the ‘Quest Hero’ prizes!

Register to play and view the results: https://questagame.com/junior-rangers

Incredible finds during the BioBlitz

The Junior Ranger BioBlitz found lots of amazing plants and animals in parks during the 2016 spring holidays.

In total, 400 observations of 165 different species were made by 59 Junior Ranger observers.

Check out the full results here: www.inaturalist.org/projects/parks-victoria-bioblitz

Explore further than before

Adventure Trail header

Check out the new Adventure Trails at Brimbank and Werribee parks!

Adventure Trails encourage you to explore further than before discovering new plants, animals, special places and hidden trails along the way.


Google goes underwater

Ocean street view

How cool! Google’s street view has taken a dive underwater. You can now explore the world’s oceans from home to find playful seals, Blue Gropers, Port Jackson Sharks and lots of other unique marine plants and animals.

Even cooler is that you can see many of these animals for real just off our coastline! Grab and adult and a snorkel and head to one of our 24 marine protected areas dotted along the coastline to see diverse and colourful animals. Little fish, big fish, sponges, kelp and seagrass meadows are waiting for you to explore while the water is warm. You might even be lucky enough to spy a Weedy Seadragon drifting about jetties, definitely not seen in the google images as it only lives in the southern waters of Australia. Don’t forget the camera!

Junior Rangers love bird watching!

VicP D4 0663


Take a look outside – can you see or hear a bird calling? They’re in your backyard, at the playground and even in the trees at school. This week is national Bird Week, and to celebrate we’ve created a new Bird Watching activity for you to try. Head out to your local park to see if you can spot some locals, discover where they live and what different kinds of birds like to eat. Best of luck Junior Rangers!

Climate dogs round up our weather


Have you ever wondered why some years we have lots of rain, some years it’s really dry? There are a lot of different things happening in the sky that create our weather, and sometimes it’s so complicated we don’t know what to expect.

Luckily, we have some clever climate dogs to help us understand Victoria’s weather a little more.

As we head into spring, keep an eye on the weather and see if you think it is a wet spring or a dry spring, and what you think this means the climate dogs have been up to.