The Great Forest Guardians – Online Webinar

When did Arwyn become a fairy possum protector? 
Her sturdy trunk sways in the swirling ancient air.
Possums dart and flit through her limbs. 
“Our hollows are disappearing,” they whisper. 

As the great forest shrinks,
all becomes quiet, still, empty…
Can Arwyn find a safe place 
for her fairy possums to nest?

Ever heard of a forest fairy? Listen to Parks Victoria’s author, Jordi, as she reads the ‘Great Forest Guardian’ – a beautiful story of Leadbeater’s Possums and their mission to find tree hollows!

Directions: Follow the ‘Book Here’ link to complete your registration. Tune in On Tuesday 22 September at 2pm via Microsoft teams.

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This activity is suitable for children aged 6-12, who must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 18 or over.

All Junior Ranger activities are managed in alignment with the Child Safe protocols. Cameras will not be activated. Children can type questions, which will be shared by Parks Victoria rangers. Children’s surnames will not be shared. 

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Yarra Ranges National Park
Online Event

21 Sep 2021



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